Welcome to CalmSphere

We are a leading software consultancy company providing multi-award-winning Facilities Management software solutions and professional consultancy services to organisations throughout Europe,  the Middle East and Asia.

Our innovative and easy to use  br-eeze™  and  HUB™  solutions are proven to reduce property operating and maintenance costs by optimising the management,  running and development of your built environment.  Our software solutions have a strong proven track record in reducing costs by up to  20%  for leading corporate brands and blue chip companies.

We understand that by gathering and comparing the right information we can deliver huge cost savings to any enterprise.  Our award-winning HUB™ solution connects directly with your outsourced partners and key internal systems.  The typically diverse data from each system is then compared,  analysed and reported upon to deliver a unique and easy to understand  ‘single version of the truth’  across your built environment.  This unique set of information then empowers your organisation to make more informed decisions,  helping you to reduce cost,  improve performance and mitigate risk.


Making assets of your assets,  the thinking behind CalmSphere HUB™

“Assetology is a process,  it is a new way of doing things.  It is about turning data into real-time valuable knowledge which property teams can then use to give them complete control.”

CalmSphere br-eeze™ Facilities Management Cloud Solution

CalmSphere br-eeze™  Facilities Management Cloud Solution

CalmSphere br-eeze™  delivers a unique  360°  view of your property framework,  which will reduce the cost of your property operations and improve your ability to make better,  informed decisions.  The br-eeze™  solution has been designed with the user in mind making it innovative and easy to use.

Delivered over the web through a dedicated secure Cloud,  br‑eeze™  delivers a suite of powerful modules which integrate seamlessly to provide one single solution spanning the entire property lifecycle – that’s every document,  drawing, property record,  asset,  compliance risk,  supplier detail,  business process,  task management and report,  all in one place.

Calm Sphere Hub™ Cloud Solution

CalmSphere HUB™  -  A unique  ’single version of the truth’

The HUB™  is the only solution designed to provide one consolidated and trusted view of your property and facilities information throughout the life of your built environment.  It does this by connecting directly with your outsourced partners and key internal systems creating a unique ‘single version of the truth’.

The HUB™  can analyse and compare typically diverse data with building intelligence enabling informed decision making,  helping you to reduce cost,  improve performance and mitigate risk.  The HUB™  enables your supply chain to share with you,  the information you need,   and take responsibility for what they are supposed to do.

CalmSphere go™ Mobile Website Application

CalmSphere go™  Mobile Website Application

Access all of your property information on the move,  wherever you are…  With a modern,  touch-screen,  user friendly interface.  CalmSphere go™  is a flexible mobile website and a series of mobile applications which provide remote access,  data viewing,  data capture and off-lining for all of your data contained within either CalmSphere HUB™  or CalmSphere br-eeze™.

The mobile website application can be accessed on all popular browsers regardless of device type – pc,  tablet or smart phone and it is orientation aware which means that it actually adapts it’s interface to offer the best user experience based upon the type of device it is being displayed on.

Professional Consultancy Services

Professional Consultancy

Our primary goal is to improve your business.  Whether your focus is on a specific department or you are embarking on a review of your whole property and facilities function,  CalmSphere can help you to deliver re-organisation as a successful, sustainable transformation.

Our consultants work in partnership with you and your stakeholders to challenge thinking: unravelling processes,  systems and information in order to establish absolute clarity as to where improvements can be made.  By introducing best practice processes,  critical information analysis and reporting,  we can help you to dramatically reduce cost and create an environment for continuous business development.

Advisory Counsel

Advisory Counsel

When your organisation has invested considerably in a software product and trusted the expertise of the software vendor to deliver the right application to meet the needs of your business.  What if the system fails to meet those needs and fails to work for your business?  What happens when things go wrong?